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A Thank You Letter & Conscious Pledge.

Hi friends,

Zoe here, I’d like to take a moment and thank everyone for their support thus far. There are so many amazing brands to shop with & support, so if you’ve supported us in any way whether that’s been through making a purchase, reposting our content, or simply spreading the word about us, from every portion of my heart, thank you so much.

I am sure some of you may have noticed, but I have decided to take RUDD. in a slow-fashion, sustainable direction. This is my official eco-conscious pledge.

What this means:


(Repurposing an item and giving it a second life!) Our first upcycling project was our Upcycled shorts created from our “humble.” t-shirts! This is not only an eco-conscious decision but a way for us to be even more creative with designs!

Ethical Manufacturer Usage

We will continue to work with our trusted local manufacturers to help us bring our upcycled projects to life.


The truth is quality COSTS, but for good reason. Quality items are designed to last and be re-worn over and over. I implore you to please consider shopping with sustainable brands and to purchase items that can be worn and used in multiple ways.

For example: Our Ribbed Sets

- Wear the set as loungewear in your home.

- Wear the tank with jeans and a blazer

- Wear the bottoms with your favorite oversized shirt

- Wear the set with a blazer and strappy heels

This is just four out of hundreds of ways to style our Ribbed Sets and a great way to understand how you can practice sustainability today with the options you have in your wardrobe right now!

If you’ve made it this far thank you so much for taking the time to read through this. I am so excited for the future of RUDD. and hope you are too. I hope that you will take the time to browse through our website, make a purchase, or consider making a donation as we continue to crowd fund. That’s all for now, sending nothing but love & light.

- Zoe Ruddock

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