Rudd the label officially launched in 2020 after years in the making. It is named partially after, founder, Zoe Ruddock’s family name Ruddock



This brand connects to the inclusive and expressive world of casual fashion and streetstyle. With minimalism in mind, Rudd the label is a simple brand designed for everyone. 


- modest; without an excess of pride. 

Somehow "humble" has been associated with someone of low rank or someone who is considered insignificant. 

This is false.

To be humble is to reject “false confidence”. To understand societal hierarchy is manmade.


To be humble does not mean you accept a lower estimation of yourself compared to others. Make no mistake; your environment, bank account, career, or social status does not define who you are. 


We all have greatness inside of us. So be great, liberate others, win your race, and be humble


- Zoe Ruddock