RUDD. officially launched in April, 2020 after years in the making.

RUDD. is a slow fashion brand that connects to the inclusive and expressive world of casual streetwear. Each item is designed by Zoe Ruddock and brought to life. With creativity, minimalism, and quality in mind RUDD. invites you to simplify with minimalist styles and tap into creativity through our customizable products.  

FUN FACT: The name RUDD. is pronounced "RUH-D" which is, founder, Zoe Ruddock's nickname & part of her family name Ruddock. 

“This brand is a reflection of my personal style, creativity, and the evolution of both.”

                                                                                                                                                                            -Zoe Ruddock

Proud to be:

#Afro-Caribbeanowned #Blackowned #Womanowned

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